Rhinestone T-Shirt Glasses

Rhinestone T-Shirt Glasses

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Rhinestone T-Shirt of Randy Rainbow's Logo


To keep your rhinestone shirt looking its best & sparkling for years to come, please follow these simple guidelines.

DRYING: Lay flat or hang to dry. You can dry on delicate using low heat with caution. The heat and tumbling action of a high dryer can damage the glue and rhinestones.  WARNING -- DO NOT IRON -- our rhinestones are permanently affixed using a heat press to ensure proper adhesion. Exposing your shirt to high heat (high dryer cycles or household irons) can melt the glue and could cause stones to move or even fall off.

WASHING: Turn shirt inside out and hand wash or wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with similar colored items. DO NOT USE BLEACH as this can also damage the glue.

TREATING STAINS:  When treating stains be careful not to touch the rhinestones with any cleaner or treatment. These chemicals can damage the glue on the rhinestones, causing it to loosen its hold.

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