Monday, October 3, 2011

VH1 Singular Sensation

Look for yours truly on the third and fifth hours (Wed, Oct. 5 and Fri, Oct. 7) of Vh1's special "The 100 Greatest Songs of the 00's"! It will air for an hour each night (Oct. 3-7) at 10:00PM. It was my first experience filming a special like this. I'd never been a talking head before; just a gay face. But it was a lotta fun!

I have to say, the experience was much more intense than I imagined it would be. Whenever I see these specials, I always assumed the motley crew offering their commentaries on the parade of songs in question were actually jamming out to the music or at least watching the corresponding music videos as they reminisced. Not the case. Instead, you're placed alone on an empty sound stage with a giant light shining in your face and grilled for an hour and a half on Mariah Carey's career and Adam Lambert's gayness while about 7 people stare at you, not laughing at or responding to anything you say. And every 10 minutes or so, a nice lady touches up your foundation. It's very "Frost/Nixon-y", if that's a word.

I'm not sure how much I'll be featured but keep your eyes peeled. I'm excited for it to air and can't wait to do more! And I'm just happy it didn't turn out to be an episode of "Intervention". When you drink as heavily as I do, you have to be wary of these things.

PS - Everybody, please TiVo it cuz I don't have cable. #ghetto

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