Friday, August 19, 2011

Snap, Snap!

I have a fun game! Ready? I thought I'd let you all decide the subject of my next video. I'm tired of doing all the work around here! So I hereby announce the first ever "Randy Rainbow Video Contest"! (I know, the title sucks, but it gets my point across.) There's an awesome prize in it for the winner, so stay with me!

Here's what to do:
ONE) Come up with an idea for my next video. Keep it topical and brilliant and with as little nudity possible - my grandmother sees these.

THREE sorry, TWO) Click the "CONTACT RANDY" button in yellow at the top of this site and send your idea (and your full name) directly to me. Be as elaborate or as general as you like. And should you happen to be an eligible bachelor, feel free to also include a full description and photograph with as much nudity possible - my grandmother does not see those :)

On Friday, August 26th, I'll choose a winner. If the idea I pick has been submitted by more than one of you, I'll draw randomly from those names. The winner will receive - get this - TWO FREE TICKETS TO "THE ADDAMS FAMILY" ON BRRROOOOAAADWAY! Now starring gorgeous Brooke Shields as Morticia! (Sure, she was kind of a mess at the Tonys, but we forgive her. She's Brooke Shields. And I hear she's fabulous in this role.) Follow me on Twitter (@randyrainbow) and/or check back here on the 26th for the results.

So, get to it! Have fun and feel free to share this post to Facebook and Twitter so all those friends who you don't really know can participate, too!

The time has come for you to LIP SYNC......FA YAAA LIIIIIIFE! (That's not really pertinent to this situation, but I wanted to type it.)

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