Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Look, Mom! I'm A Dot Com!

Willcommen (and willcom-women, also) to my new digs! You like?! If not, you can go eff yourselves. I pay the rent around here, not you.

It's not without some sadness that I officially shed the skin of the old "Bloggity Blahg-Blahg", which I originally founded some time back in the late 1800's with my old comedy partner Harriet Tubman (that's how long ago it feels, anyway.) But it is with great excitement and a little pee-pee coming out that I welcome you to the new RandyRainbow.com!

Here you'll be able to find all my latest videos (coming soon in high-definition), musings, ramblings, political-ish opinions-ish, song parodies, suicide notes, pot roast recipes and whateverthehell else I decide to post randomly in a state of being hung over from the night before. Which, frankly, is the state I proudly call my permanent home.

Also, please note that below each post is now a handy-dandy set of buttons, which allow you to easily share your favorite posts! With just the tap of your dainty little french manicured tip, you can post them on your Facebook, tweet them to your Twitter and FedEx them to your grandmother in Florida with a balloon that says, "World's Best Grandma". (We're still working on the Fedex/balloon feature, so stay tuned.)

You can also now leave [flattering and complimentary] comments [about how thin and pretty I am] on all posts, so by all means, sing out, Louise!

Enjoy! Love you all!

Randy Rainbow
Founding Flamer

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