Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl Crazy

Oh my Christ in Heaven, I haven’t updated this blog since Ethel Merman’s Bat Mitzvah! The last news item I posted was the Hindenburg Disaster. (Did Ethel Merman even have a Bat Mitzvah? I don’t know, but it was the first point of reference that came to mind, and I needed to play to my audience.) Ya know, ever since my international fame really started to kick in (……*crickets*……..), people have begun to tell me that I’ve become much less accessible; that I’m unapproachable, even. And to those people I say: “Mom, Dad… My publicist will call you. I can’t deal with this right now.”

I assure you, though, that my fame has nothing to do with it. I have simply been super busy (with fame) over the past couple of weeks. And I’m also just now getting over a bad cold (the cold, lonely reality that comes with being very famous.) So that’s that. Still the same old me.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about a little someone I like to call “me”. Let me get you somewhat up-to-speed on my life as of late: When last we met, I was putting the finishing touches on my Halloween costume: “Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand”, or as she’s now famously known in certain circles, “Jennifra Anistreiston”. I’m happy to say, she came together beautifully. Here, see for yourself.

Pretty fly for a white guy, no??? Alright, so some people said it came out a little “Thoroughly Modern Millie-ish”. To those people, I lovingly say, “Drop dead and go to hell, you jealous asshole.” I was very pleased with it. I even hosted Tituss’s concert dressed in it on Halloween Eve. I’d never hosted a show in drag before, but I figured, “How hard can it be? Wendy Williams does it every weekday morning from 10 to 11.”

A few days and 79 showers later (yet somehow still in full eye makeup), I hosted a benefit for The Trevor Project at the Laurie Beechman theatre. I had the great honor of introducing a ridiculously amazing lineup, which included the legend'ree Stephen Schwartz! Can you imagine? Fabulous night for a fabulous cause.

Also at the Beechman last week was Donna McKechnie’s one-woman show, “My Musical Comedy Life”. Oh dear lord, can we please discuss my love for this woman?? First of all, she’s stunning – physically and vocally. The show is an autobiographical chassé down memory lane, weaving together music from stage and screen to tell the story of Donna's life in the theatre. It was directed by my fancy schmancy friend, the great Richard Jay-Alexander. RJA is first and foremost a devoted fan of all the “divas” he works with, and so when it comes to directing a show like this one, nobody scratches that gay itch like he does. He knows what we need and he makes sure we get it.

Donna is still touring with the show, so in case you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t give away any- SHE DOES “MUSIC AND THE MIRROR” INCLUDING THE DANCE BREAK!!!! (SHIT! I forgot to say “spoiler alert”.) Anyway, I loved it and I love her. And PS – she gave me an amazing shout-out onstage during the show! I’m getting the audio from it and making it my ringtone, and possibly playing it at my gay wedding, once such a thing becomes legal in the state of New York. Check out photos from the night here, courtesy of the lovely Walter McBride.

And fiiiinally, I was back at the Beechman this past Sunday night (yes, I have signed a lease and moved in there) to see my new best friend, the divine Coco Peru! I’ve loved Coco for years, but had never seen a live show before. So fucking fantastic. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, if you’re reading this gay-ass blog, but if given the opportunity to see her live, you must grab it, pounce on it and ride it into the night! Check out this stunning gorgeousness…

So minus all the alcohol and dirty bookstores, that has been my past couple of weeks, in a nutsac. I’m working on some new videos and have some very exciting and sexy guest stars lined up, so stay tuned for them apples!

I love you all. Call me later.

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