Thursday, July 29, 2010

America's F#%*ing Sweethearts

What a week! I have never before been the better half of such a high-profile gay celebrity power couple, but I must say – I like it just fine. Word about my new relationship with you-know-who seems to be spreading like herpes and, despite all the paparazzi, I couldn’t be happier! Mel either.

I mean, let’s face it: Ever since Rihanna and Chris Brown made amends, the world has been pining for a hot new abusive relationship in the headlines. We’re happy to fill that void, World.

Check out my brand new interview with The Advocate here.

And mark your calendars, Bloggities: Monday, August 9th, around 11PM, I will be hijacking Musical Mondays at Splash here in NYC to officially launch the video on the big screen! Stay tchyooned for more details!

Gotta run… Brunch with Oksana.

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