Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forget Your Troubles, C'mon Get Nachos!

I miss the 50’s. I’m not talking about my age, assholes; I mean the 1950’s. I guess I hadn’t been born yet (I’m terrible at math, so who knows where I was) but I imagine I’d have been a lot less stressed. I also would have worn my hair in a soft bob, and had an affair with the milkman. My point is: Like the rest of humanity, I’m now at a point….Oh my god, Betty Buckley just confirmed my friend request on Facebook! This is huge. What was I saying? Oh… I’m now at a point where I’m conditioned to expect bad news and negativity on a daily basis. Like, every morning, I’ll sign on to AOL to get my mail, and the homepage will inevitably be displaying a photo of a recent natural disaster, or of someone who croaked the night before. Last week there was a photo of Tootie from “The Facts of Life” up and I freaked out! Turns out it was just a “Where Are They Now”-type article, updating us on her career. (It was a short piece, by the way. It just said she’d recently bought a cute new sweater and was off dairy.) And then just this morning, there was a picture of a bowl of guacamole. It was just a link to a tasty recipe for guacamole, but before reading the caption, I literally thought, “Oh shit, did guacamole die?!” I’m really a nervous wreck these days! I'll tell you what... If it weren't for Betty Buckley's friendship, I honestly don’t know what I would do.

If you're like me, and craving a little chicken soup for your gay souls: Sherie Rene Scott's show "Everyday Rapture" is now on Broadway, thank Christ! I first got to see it back in 2008 when it was a one-night-only BC/EFA concert performance at the Eugene O'Neill. I'd always enjoyed Sherie, of course, but not until that night did I truly realize the extent of my appreciation for her magic and brilliance. She absolutely slayed me. I thought: "One night only will not do. I need everyone to see this show! I need a cast album! I need it to be recorded in every medium! I need a vodka-tonic!" (There was an after-party, and I'd heard rumors of an open bar.) Well sure enough, it subsequently had an Off-Broadway run at Second Stage, and has now landed safely at the American Airlines Theatre. So you might say that I am single-handedly responsible for the show coming to Broadway. That's certainly the story I'm telling people. In any event, it's there where it belongs, opening officially this Thursday night.

The cast recording is available on iTunes as of today, and if you haven't already, you must! I'm gonna go try and score a little interview with Sherie for The Blahg. You wait here.... (No, it's fine. I'll just do everything myself.)

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