Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lady Caca

May I make a bold recommendation to you, my faithful (yet potentially irregular) bloggities? Nature’s Path cereal. It’s my new brand. I’ve been eating a bowl every morning, and look at me! I’m gorgeous, no? It comes in a variety of flavors – all delicious and all incredibly high in fiber. At the risk of sounding crass, I’d never been down Nature’s Path before, but it apparently leads directly to my turlet. TMI? Perhaps. But I figure if Oprah can talk so freely about her royal digestive system, I owe it to my fan(s) to do the same. And, kids, I haven’t been this regular since the night before I interviewed Liza Minelli, if you get my meaning. It’s available now wherever organic foods are sold, so runs – don’t trots!

That concludes my disgusting health report. Next week I’ll be broadcasting a live stream of my pap smear. (Can I even have one of those?)

Ok, I have an admission. I am just now getting very much into Lady Gaga. I know. I missed the gay boat on this one by about 47 hundred years. What will I discover next? Cher? Cosmopolitans? My attraction to other men? I know. But I’m super stubborn when it comes to mainstream pop culture. You know I “roll old skool”. But with all the hype and her recent appearances, it was only a matter of time. Plus, I’d never seen her interviewed until she did Oprah last week, and I thought she was so articulate and intelligent. And I have that sort of grandma mentality about artists like her... It’s not enough to enjoy the music; I also have to be convinced that she is well-spoken, gracious, and above all, polite to Oprah. I was very impressed. That girl’s certainly got a head on her shoulder pads.

So I’m officially converted. I’m totally cool now. Please stop calling me cruel names and throwing wet tampons at me on the playground. My mother said.

In other, arguably more important news than my fiber intake and lagging affections for gay music icons: My BFF - Broadway’s one and only Tituss Burgess - will be appearing at The Metropolitan Room for the next two Sundays (1/31, 2/7 @ 9:30PM) in a gorge new show he's calling "Tituss Stripped - Who Needs A Band?" If you're stupid and don't already have tix, CLICK HERE at once!

I'll be there this coming Sunday. It would behoove you to catch that particular performance, as I will most likely be joining Tituss onstage in a rousing rendition of the Judy/Barbra "Happy Days/Get Happy" duet. (Mind you, he has not in any capacity invited me to do so, but once he sees all this free press, I don't suspect it will be an issue..)

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