Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everybody Wants to Be Black (or "The Whiz")

Last night I saw a perfectly normal, lucid-looking woman in heels and a really ugly beige tweed skirt suit put down her bag, pull down her hose, lift up her skirt and pee right on the sidewalk of 9th Avenue.

The reason I'm telling you this, is because what initially shocked me about this woman - the thing I found most appalling and disturbing about this entire remarkable situation...was the really ugly beige tweed skirt suit. Seriously. I frankly did not even consider the fact that she was takin' a leak on a crowded New York street in front of a Ray's Pizza until maybe a block later. Does this perhaps mean I've lived in this city too long? Perhaps it does.

But enough about pee! Let's talk about you... Whadda you think of pee? *RIMSHOT* (Bad joke? Perhaps it was.) But for reals... Let us move away from golden sidewalk showers and onto the Golden theatre, which is where I was on Tuesday night to see David Mamet's Oleanna, starring Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles.

If you don't know, Oleanna (a revival of the original early 90's off-Broadway production) focuses on the power struggle between a university professor awaiting tenure, and the troubled female student who ultimately accuses him of sexual harassment and exploitation. It's a really interesting examination of human interaction and the powers of language and perception. I've always enjoyed Bill Pulman, and he's excellent in this; Julia as well. While she's arguably a bit dignified for the role, I thought she held an impressive balance between ballbusting hellion and afflicted little girl playing with fire, afraid to get burned. The show recently announced a January 3 closing, so get on it!

And last night, I was at the Shubert to see Memphis. Loved it! In fact, there's a song in the first act that won't leave my head, called "Everybody Wants to Be Black". I've been walking around town singing it full out to myself all day. It's a wonder I haven't been shot yet. Anyhoo, it's a fabulously uplifting show with some really exciting performances, including that of its star, adorable Chad Kimball. I'll be dropping by Chad's dressing room later this week for an exclusive Blahg interview. (Fancy, no?) Stay tuned for it!

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