Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Got His Hair, I Got My Head, I Need Your Liver

First of all, if you’ve not yet been to see Fellatio Rashad in August: Osage County, you must stop reading this and immediately go… like, now. I saw the show last night and it was buh-rill-iant! It’s so nice that between that and Next to Normal, the dysfunctional American family is being so prominently represented on Broadway right now. It gives me a sense of what the African American community must have felt a few seasons back when The Color Purple was in its glory. Or how my cat felt when Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote that weird show about him back in the 80’s. It also gives me high hopes for the eventual commercial viability of Randy Rainbow: The Musical. Stay tuned.

I’m still coming down from the excitment of Tony night this past Sunday. (Perhaps because I’m still hung over and with a headache, 3 days later.) I spent most of the evening at the Rock of Ages party at Arena in Midtown. It was an awesome time, and I’ll always have my lock of Constantine Maroulis’ hair to remember it by. (Do not ask. It’s a long story and I’m not legally permitted to tell it without my attorney present.) I thought the show this year – despite a broken nose or two and a few annoying technical glitches – was just great. YAY for Hair and YAY for Alice Ripley's crazy ass! And props to Neil Patricia Harris who couldn’t have been more adorable.

If you haven’t listened to my latest blahgcast (below), featuring 2009 Tony winner LIZAAAAAA, please get your life together. And while you’re at it, take note of one of my favorite moments of the interview which occurs right at the beginning (around 1:38): Liza informs me that she’s sitting with “Ron Lewis – my director and choreographer!” It makes me giggle a little because it's just such a “Liza” thing to say… “my director and choreographer!” It makes me think: If I were Liza Minnelli, I feel like I’d refer to EVERYONE as “my director and choreographer.” Even those who were not. Friends, family, cab drivers…everyone. Wouldn’t that just put everything into marvelous perspective?

In fact…eff it. I’m gonna start doing it anyway. From this point forward, you are all my director and choreographer!

Here’s some cuteness from the ROA Tony party…

Here I am with my director and choreographer, the delicious Max von Essen - hot off the tour of Xanadu...

Here I am with my dear friend, a delicious vodka shot. And to my right: Whitney Manalio, my director and choreographer...

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