Friday, March 27, 2009

Green Witch and Twitter Bird

What the hell is this Twitter shit??? That's what we're doing now, is it? I'm getting all these scary emails warning me that people are “following me,” and I’m horrified! Stop following me! Meanwhile, I’m just finally coming to terms with Facebook and now I gotta start Tweeting??? Ugh, fine.

I think it's fantastic how increasingly self-important we’ve all become, thanks to the sweeping efforts of Facebook and Twitter and the like. We now have the nerve to turn our menial everyday activities – and those of our menial everyday friends – into current events, worthy of minute-to-minute updates and even public commentary!

In days of yore, I’d sign online every morning and go straight to or The NY Times to get the latest on the War in Afghanistan or the economic crisis. Now, every morning, it’s straight to Facebook to read that my friend Susan got a haircut, or broke up with her boyfriend again, or what Susan makes of the War in Afghanistan and the economic crisis. (And strictly between us, my friend Susan is a real moron. But the way I rely on her for news these days, you’d think she was Diane Sawyer.)

I participate like everyone, because, like everyone, I am comforted by the sense of community, and flattered to think that anyone might be interested to know that I’m doing laundry, or that I'm having a heavy flow day. Plus, anything that wastes precious time which might otherwise be spent constructively is right up my alley. So Twitter me! Let’s Twitter and be gay!

I’ve been busy bawllz over here, and not able to check in as much as I’d like. But do stay tchyuned, as the coming months will bring much schmanciness and gorgeousness to The Blahg, including a very special, exclusive Blahg appearance by the one and only SHOSHANA BEAN!

One of Wicked’s best-known and best-loved Elphabas, Sho will be in town next week to promote her fab new CD “Superhero.” Turn stage left (house right) for the deetz on her upcoming appearances!

We enjoy her so.

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