Friday, December 12, 2008

Jews for Jesus

You'll pardon my frazzled appearance. I've been running around like a gay chicken with its designer labels cut off, and I must look a damn mess! I hope this blahg finds all of you well. Things have been extreeeemely busy on my end...(Not that end... the other end.) This week, I was able to see Shrek, which I just thought was absolutely adorable. (Stay tuned for my upcoming HX article on it.) I also had the chance to do a few lovely interviews,which I'll soon post; one with David Lewis, the renowned musical director who's created club acts for everyone from Diane Keaton to "Little Edie" Beale to his long-time friend Patti Lu-Ping-Pong! David was the mastermind behind Patti-Loo's legendary show at Les Mouches in 1980, which has just been released on CD after almost 30 years, thanks to Ghostlight/Sh-K-Boom Records. As you can imagine, he had some fun stories for me (especially after a few margaritas. Mwah ah ah ah.) I also spoke with The Fantasticks' delicous Nick Spangler, who just won the 13th season of "The Amazing Race" on CBS! Nick's just great and we had a nice little chat. Although I can't help but get the feeling that he's not quite in love with me - You know what I mean? I guess cuz he kept talking about his girlfriend. It's fine, though. I'm fine with it. Moving on...

Get this: On Sunday, I'll be hosting an Altar Boyz talk-back at New World Stages, featuring the original creative team and current cast of the show. Check out the official press release below:

Ken Davenport and Robyn Goodman proudly announce that Altar Boyz, the acclaimed musical comedy at New World Stages, will have a talk back with its creative team on Sunday December 14th, following the matinee performance. The topic of this discussion will be the “Genesis of Altar Boyz” and will feature lost scenes and songs that were removed from the show before its opening. Members of the creative team, including composer/lyricists Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker, book writer Kevin Del Aguila, conceivers Marc Kessler and Ken Davenport, choreographer Christopher Gattelli and director Stafford Arima will participate. The Cast will join in to perform cut numbers from the show as well. Randy Rainbow will moderate; BroadwaySpace is sponsoring the event.

Should be a cute time. I'll be just like James Lipton!...without the mothball aroma!

That's my story for now. Check in again soon. And next time - really - don't show up empty-handed, heh???
Love you. Call me later.

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