Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ugh. My ass is killing me. Thank you for asking. It’s not what you think, though. Last night at Musical Mondays (ok - maybe it is what you think), that clip of Hugh Jackman popped up. You know… the opening number from when he hosted the “Fifty-Eye’th Aynial Tiiiny Awards” (or “58th Annual Tony Awards, if you couldn’t make out my Aussie accent.) Anyway, during the part of the clip when the Radio City Rockettes make their entrance, I rushed up onto the stage to do my kicks as I descended down the steps and I think I pulled a muscle. Luckily, the guy standing on the steps whose muscle I think I pulled gave me his number. So it wasn’t a total loss. (Call me!)

My ride to work today was fatiguing, as usual. We had one of those Chatty Kathy conductors who felt the need to talk nonstop the entire ride. I know I always bitch about wanting to be kept informed by the MTA of what’s going on at all times. But there are a few who I think get off on the thrill of hearing their voices on the PA system, or maybe just need someone to listen to them, and so they give us their entire repertoire instead of just sixteen bars, which is really all we need. This woman was giving it full out: “Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for riding the MTA… For your safety, please do not block the doors, as it is a danger to yourself and to your fellow passengers… Ladies and Gentlemen, the next stop on this train will be Lexington Avenue… Transfers are available to the 4, 5, N, R, W, F, R, N, F, PLEASE, K, I, L, L, M, E, and N trains, as well as the Bloomingdales where I bought these earrings… The time is now 8:35… Ladies and Gentlemen, my breasts are swollen and I’m fourteen days late on my menstrual cycle… The time is 8:49… Ladies and Gentlemen, I cannot be pregnant right now. The timing could not be worse… Please make sure you have all personal belongings before exiting this train… Ladies and Gentlemen, does a light pink stripe mean I am or I’m not?... Ladies and Gentlemen???...” Shut up, Lady! I could barely hear Liza through my headphones!

Speaking of Liza – How excited am I for her little show at the Palassshhh Theat-cha!?! (or “Palace Theatre”, if you couldn’t make out my Liza Minnelli speech impediment.) So excited! What, oh what will she give us this time? I have no idea. But whatever it is, I want it and I’m going back for seconds.

This weekend I was backstage at the Gershwin Theatre because I’m fancy. I was interviewing Wicked's lovely and gorgeous Kerry Ellis, who took over the role of Elphaba from Menzies in London, and is now doing it here on Brrroadway. We chatted for a bit in her gracious dressing room about her history with the show, and about the October 27th “The Yellow Brick Road Not Traveled” benefit concert (which I’m totally going to) in honor of the 5th Anniversary of our beloved Wicked. It was for a little piece I did for the Halloween episode of HX Magazine, which I believe drops this weekend. Pick one up, won't you? It's on me.

In other news: I’m happy to report that I’ve recently been crowned Editor of BroadwaySpace.com. (Actually, it’s just a small tiara. Don’t get too excited.) I’m looking forward to a fun and eventful run over there, and will keep you posted on my adventures. And I hope you’ll check it out, regular. Of course, this little announcement is in no way a cheap ploy to get you all to send me congratulatory gifts. That’s just silly. (Though I am registered at Lane Bryant.)

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