Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Wanna Be Where the Homos Are (Broadway's Mermaid Gays It Up)

A water-retaining princess myself, I've always had a special place in my heart for Disney’s The Little Mermaid. After first seeing the film at age 8, I was immediately… hooked. Was it the exquisite, Academy Award-winning score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman? Was it the timeless tale of uncompromising love and limitless possibility? I think it was that I enjoyed Prince Eric’s revealingly low-cut V-neck blouses, and the fact that there was a big, golden penis on the movie poster. (Remember that scandal??... I loved that poster.) While other kids at the swimming pool hurtled face-first down waterslides and played Water Polo, I incessantly hounded my parents to “waaatch!” as I tried repeatedly to achieve the perfect Ariel hair-flip while dramatically emerging from underwater. (It was always so hard with that fakakte seashell bra that never stayed up.)

I've said too much. The point is this: Gays love The Mermz. And now that she’s made a splash on the Broadway, we love her even more. So I’m happy to let all you "friends of Ariel" in New York know that on Thursday, September 18th, Disneys's The Little Mermaid on Broadway will host a Boys' Night! The exclusive offer includes tickets for that evening’s performance discounted to an unbeatably slutty price of $69, an after-party at The Ritz Bar & Lounge (369 West 46th St) with and OPEN BAR from 10:30-Midnight, the chance to mingle with members of the cast (perhaps my gorge husband Norm Lewis) as well as meet cute boys, and maybe even dive in and catch a little something for yourself (hopefully nothing that won't clear up after a few days.) So, whether you're searching for a fairy tale prince of your own, anxious to show off your fierce new seashells, or just into water sports, you won't want to miss the fun and flaming fishtivities!

To get tickets you can:
- Go to Ticketmaster and enter code BOYSNIGHT
- Call 866-870-2717 and mention code BOYSNIGHT
- Schlep your ass over to the the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre Box Office @ 205 West 46th Street with a printout of the OFFICIAL OFFER FOUND HERE
- Vist your local Sea Witch and make a trade

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Randy, here's hoping that the only crabs you encounter as you chase the mermen be of the singing and dancing variety.