Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Is He Dead?"

...No, Mark Twain...not quite. But he is older, wiser, and more gorge than ever! Since last we met, I celebrated my 22nd Birthday! Can you believe? Well, I turned 27, but I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. (F*#% you, it's my Birthday. I'll celebrate the Chinese-bloody-New Year if I want to.) Now, last year when I turned 22...I was 26, so I think I've really learned quite a bit since then; about myself and about this life and about myself in this life. You know I hate to force my religious beliefs on anyone, but one of the most important lessons I've learned can best be summed up by quoting from the recording of Barbra's 1994 MGM Grand Concert (chapter VII, disc 1 - for those of you who'd like to follow along.) It goes: "sometimes the universe conspires in our favor to challenge and inspire us, and that is how "Yentl" came to me [applause] and why I felt I needed to make the film. It was a joy working with Mandy Patink.."...wait a minute. That's totally the wrong quote...The one I was thinking of goes: "You cannot look to other people for your happiness." (Then she sings "On a Clear Day", which I will spare you now.) But these days I'm all about the fantastic notion of not relying on others for my personal contentment. It's easy enough to say, but it's a syndrome I think most of us share, and it takes a lot of self-motivating and discipline to conquer. I'm over it though. From here on in, I will search no further for the approval or validation of others to feel good about myself. This next life chapter is all about ME and what I think and what I want. I don't give a shit and a nickel about the rest of you OR what you do or think! In fact, stop reading this right now! This has nothing to do with you! I'm talking to myself! (Please continue reading. I rely heavily upon your approval and validation to feel good about myself.)

Speaking of "this time for me", I was listening to the Patti Gypsy CD on my way into the city today (available to the public next month, but I mugged some old Tony voter.) May I just say that I am living for it! It has made my day. Perhaps even my entire sixth 22nd Birthday month. Patti's renditions of these songs are probably some of the best I've heard since my shower this morning. (And I'm not even exaggerating.) Tomorrow night I'll be attending Damn Yankees at City Center, which I'll review for next week's HX Fagazine. I love that damn show, dammit. Actually, I've been trying to get a jump start on my write-up and I'm having a rather hard time, as there is an unlimited amount of clever puns to be made when reviewing a musical about baseball for a gay magazine... I don't know whether you know that. I'm still narrowing down my options, but I'm hoping to fit in a bit about "Cheyenne Jackson's balls". (That's something you won't hear from Mister Charles Isherwood of the New York Times. He's a lady!) And advance warning to any of you who might be attending the same performance on Saturday evening: I was supplied with ONE press ticket only, as seating is apparently tight for this thing. So don't start texting all your friends that "the lonely old maid couldn't get a date AGAIN", you evil queens! Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. And Lola can get dates if she wants dates! Who are you to judge me?!?!

Hate you,
Call me later.

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