Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are You There, FLO? It's me, Menzies.

Hey Bloggities. I just flew in from a weekend in Florida with the fam, and boy are the bitter shackles of my repressed childhood anger and resentment tired! *ba-dum-ching* (I'm kidding, Ma! Shut up.) No… It was actually a very nice and much-needed relaxation. Hot as bawllz, of course. But it was so calming to get the eff out of the city for a few days; to walk down an empty street without a herd of old slow-asses blowing their cigarette smoke and taking their sweet time before me, and a stampede of jittery flibbertigibbets yappin' on their cells and kickin’ my shins behind me; to go for a run at the local park and be the only person on the track! How glorious!?! It was so freeing not to have to contend with hordes of stupid people for a few days. (I hope nobody takes offense to that… I just mean that I hate you all and I wish you’d all get out of my city and out of my way and let me live my life.)

The major event of my trip to "Flah" was a trip to Fawwt Lawdadzzale’s un-legendary Parker Playhouse to see none other than the fabulous Menzies! (Idina Menzel, for those of you who aren’t close enough with her to have cute nicknames.) Though we were forced to endure what seemed like an eternal set by two local “rockers” opening the show for her who were so horrible that even I had to concur with the usual rant from my grandmother (who was seated next to me): “I wish I could understand a friggin’ word they were saying!”, and though we were then forced to wait out a 45-minute intermission before she actually took the stage, she put on an incredible show and we all soon forgave and forgot. Opening with songs strictly from her newest album I Stand, the show eventually lap dissolved into a hilarious and personal little telling of the Tony-winner’s rise to fame from her humble beginnings as a wedding singer, which included a medley of ridiculous 80’s pop standards, as well as one of the equally ridiculous 80's sequined prom dresses she once wore regularly to such gigs, and featured a special appearance by Idina’s side ponytail.

She reached the part of the story where she landed a “small off-Broadway show called 'RENT'” (never heard of it), and did a gorge acoustic version of “No Day But Today”. This prompted members of the audience (72% teenyboppers, all of whom were squeezed into that same tiny pink baby-t with the word "POPULAR" spelled out in glitter across the hopeful site of future boobies) to begin requesting their favorite songs and shouting “we love you, Maureen!”, which then opened the floodgates to frenzied pleas for “Defying Gravity", etc. I had to laugh smugly to myself and bitchily flip my hair a little. Ugh, it was sooo not-New York.

She ended the show (officially) with an a cappella version of Wicked's “For Good”, dedicated to the fans (but mostly to me) which segued into “Gorgeous” from her album. Her first encore was a ballad from Duncan Sheik’s new musical Nero, of which Menzies starred in a workshop production earlier this month. And finally, she capped off the 2-hour concert with everyone’s reason for brushing their teeth and putting on deodorant that evening, “Deflying Gravitaay”.

Great time! She was charming, hysterical and in terrific voice. She’ll be touring through August, so check your local listings and get yourself a little Menz. Watching the show, I actually came to realize that I have much more in common with her than I thought: Aside from being two of Broadway’s hottest Jewesses on the scene today, we’re both from roughly the same part of Long Island; we’ve both had grandparents who live(d) in Pembroke Pines, Florida; we both dropped out of Hebrew school before our Bat Mitzvahs; and we’ve both fondled Taye Diggs inappropriately. (Of course, in the end, she got the ring and the prenup… All I got was escorted out of the bar by security. I guess not every fairy tale ends happily for the wicked witch.)

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