Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bright Lights and Lollipops

Happy TONYS, Bloggities! Who are you wearing???...Oh, me? Pajamas. It's early Sunday morning and I'm slightly reluctant to admit that I just woke up and sprung out of bed with a little bit of that nervous, elated, excited, "good-morning-Baltimore", diarrhea feeling we seem to experience less and less as the years go by and we become jaded and begin to hate absolutely everything, and waking up at all starts to seem entirely overrated...(just me?). Ya know - that very specific morning energy that wakes you on special occasions and plays a little song in your heart; like your birthday or Christmas; or the first day of a really great vacation; or when you open your eyes and the guy from the night before is still there and so's your wallet and all your furniture; OR....THE MORNING OF THE TONYS! You know you all felt it too. Shut up.

And talkin' about furniture, my Tony excitement is coupled with the fact that I woke up to the gorge new couch in my living room, which was delivered last night, along with the stunning liquor bar in my kitchen. That's right. I now have an actual bar in my apartment. I am just a few tenty housedresses and couple'a moth bawllz from officially being your favorite alcoholic grandmother. Of course, it's practically bare at the moment. I'll need to knock off a few liquor stores until it's stocked appropriately. But I just feel better knowing it's in the house.

Anyway, all this discussion of Tonys and interior decorating is far too gay to be having on the day of the Lord, and I've offended myself. I'm gonna go tone it down a bit by watching the "LIZA LIVE AT RADIO CITY" DVD I got yesterday for 10 bucks at Virgin. (Get 'em while they're hot, Gays!) Whatever your plans are tonight, enjoy yourselves. I personally will be watching at a friend's apartment and then probably making my way into the city for the GYPSY after-party! I'm très excited. Patti Lu-Pong and I have already spoken this morning. We're totally gonna coordinate our schedules so that we both arrive separately, and then she's gonna pretend that she doesn't know me all night. (It's this thing we do.)

HAVE FUN! And, hey!....Remember when........?

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