Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bawllz a' Buttah

Happy Gay Pride, Bloggities! I'm just emerging from my morning boudoir. Today's a bit rough as I was out last night until 20 in the morning, and I'm extremely, well, hung. Last night was the Alec Mapa show at Joe's Pub. (While you're out grabbing things at the bars this weekend, pick up a copy of HX Magazine to see my interview. It's quite a spread.) The show was fabulous, and I was in the VIP booth sandwiched in between Broadway cutie Barrett Foa, and Project Runway's Malan Breton. (Talk about a gay pride parade.) After that it was on to Serafina on Lafayette for the after party. And then after that it was any place they'd let me in. (I have so many random admittance stamps on my forearm, I look like a circuit queen in the holocaust.) It's mostly all a blur. But it was crazy, wild night. In fact, excuse me a minute while I escort all the hot, strange men out of my apartment. I hate to be rude............................................OK, I'm back. Actually, no one was there.

I have a feeling I'll be laying low for the rest of the day, but to those of you attending the parade: Have a great time, and march proudly for all of us! Nothing says "unity" and "equality" like dressing up in drag or assless chaps and scaring the shit out of straight people and their children. I understand the weather forecast will not be very cooperative, and thunderstorms are expected throughout the day (which baffles me. I mean, all these weather men are big mo's. You'd think Sam Champion coulda pulled a few strings or something.) But don't think about it twice. You just keep reapplying as need be, and remember that classic Barbra tune; the one in which she refuses at any cost to let a little stormy weather dampen her good time...."The Way We Were".

This one's good too, though...

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uh...something gay said...

Wow. A VIP booth sandwiched between Foa and Breton, eh? Really. Right, smack dab between the two of em, you say? Huh. I must've had/bought you one too many Huckleberry Foolishnesses because my memory seems to be a little HAZY.