Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just a Peep

Happy Easter, Bloggities! I figured in the spirit of the holiday I would resurrect from obscurity to check in with you all. Things have clearly been rather busy this end, what with my impending move. But it's all coming together nicely and I promise that I'll soon be regular again. The place is looking gorgeous, if anyone's interested. I was told by my broker after signing the lease that the apartment was being fixed up in preparation for my big entrance; that the floors were being redone and the walls repainted. In my previous experience, this usually means that the urine stains on the floor are being covered with newspaper and the graffiti on the walls is being correctly punctuated. But to my delight, I arrived the other day to find practically a brand new apartment - almost eleven times more gorge than the one I originally took. It looks great, and I look forward to watching it all fall apart as soon as I officially move in next weekend. (Isn't that how it always goes?)

Anyway. It's almost time fa' the Eastah BUNNY...RUN ON DOWN!

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David said...

Do your 'Bernie' impression in the street and you'll have volunteers just lining up to help you move.