Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flying Solo

It's a good day, Bloggities. The air is crisp, the sun is shining, and Sally Field's bone mass is increasing by the second, thanks to Boniva. Soon she'll be on display with the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Museum of Natural History. I couldn't be happier.

Last night I went to see the one and only Idina Menzel perform at The Canal Room. It was a small VIP function - excuse me very much - to introduce material from her new solo album, I Stand (in stores on January 29th). The crowd was refreshingly intimate; Just me and Taye Diggs, slow dancing while she sang. (*pause for jealousy and disbelief*) Truth be told, Taye was not in attendance. But the evening was otherwise quite fabulous, with a capital "Ssssss". The Over-the-Moon, Life-of-the-Party, Tony Award-winning star of Disney's Enchanted and songwriting Rock Star-Jewess formerly known as Elphaba looked sensational and was in voice to match.

After a somewhat thwarted attempt to make the leap from Broadway stage to top of the charts in '98 with her debut album, Still I Can't Be Still (which I have always loved - and who are you to judge me?), Menzies is taking another stab at rounding out her eclectic resume with what seems to be a very personal and important facet of her career. I hope hers is a success story, but frankly think she'd better shave her head, squeeze out a couple' kids and back over them in her car if she wants to make it as a pop star in today's music industry. That's just my professional opinion.

Idina spoke candidly about her journey to bring this project (for which she wrote every song) to fruition, and performed six tracks - all enjoyable - with live accompaniment by her band. She closed with "Gorgeous", one of the pre-released singles, which delivers a message (as told by its lyricist) to "love who the fuck you wanna love." As for the title, the former green girl and obvious Liberal shared that she was initially hesitant to christen her latest album "I Stand", as she admittedly (and jokingly, I'm sure) does not stand for anything. But the phrase ultimately struck a chord and so she went with it. She further explained that if forced to pinpoint its meaning, she stands for "figuring it all out". Amen to that, Menz.

The mini concert lasted just about an hour (or 3 trays of complimentary chicken fajita hors d'oeuvres and the entire left side of the open bar, if you're on my timetable.) After the show, it was on to Musical Mondays at Splash Bar with the gays to show off my fancy Idina Menzel press packet. (That's like driving through the front gate of your country club in a new Rolls-Royce.) I was, of course, the Bell of the Bawllz.

Thanks for a lovely evening, Idina.
I love you.
Call me later.
Looking forward to the new album and still digesting the fajitas,

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