Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Try It. You'll Lovett.

Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd recently received 5 Critics' Choice Award nominations, including Best Picture. With the film's release rapidly approaching, Sweenz is everywhere these days. Lap Dissolve to a new website I've recently happened upon called, which allows you to easily edit your very own movie trailer to post to your Facebook or MySpace pages (if you've got 'em), and impress your friends (if you've got 'em). Lo and behold! The film they happen to be featuring right now is none other than - that's right - Sweetie La! I've been playing on it all night and wanted to share because it's bloody good fun. Addictive, even. It’s a great way to get in on the action and feel like you're actually a part of the movie; second only to attempting to crash the New York premier by telling security that you’re Helena Bonham Carter. And who would do that???...*uncomfortable laughter followed by awkward silence*

Anyway, go ahead and check it out when you've a little time on your hands and you're feeling a creative updraft in your underpants. Compare your finished product with your friends' and neighbors'! But don’t fight over whose is better, now. There are no winners here. Like any art form, each is a unique reflection of your own imagination and artistic vision. And each shares the distinction of being not as great as mine. Yes? – Yes.


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