Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nice Set a' Globes

Let's talk Golden Globes for a moment, shall we? I'll start: I am extremely excited about the list of nominations, which was announced just hours ago. Sweeney has received 4 nods, including Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) and Best Director, Tim Burton. Johnny Gorgeous Depp and Ms. Bottled Water have also been nominated for Best Actor/Actress (Comedy or Musical). Joining Helena in her category are Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky, and Amy Adams from Disney's Enchanted. I am thrilled that Amy is not being overlooked for her brilliant work in this film. She's a new favorite of mine. Enchanted also received a nomination for Alan Menken's "That's How You Know" in the category of Best Original Song. (Best song, ever.)

Anytime buzz about awards like the Globes begins, I can't help but dream ahead to a happier time when I will be nominated for and win such an honor. This makes me remember my childhood; When all the other "normal" little boys and girls were out playing sports and getting knocked up and arrested, I was locked in my bedroom, memorizing Barbra Streisand's acceptance speech from the 1965 Emmy Awards, when she won for her first television special, My Name Is Barbra. A recording of the speech can be heard on her forty-seven-disc Just For the Record compilation. I would rewind it about a hundred times trying to catch every word, giggle and breath, and then sit in front of my mirror for hours, reciting it on loop until I got the damn thing right - pausing for laughter and applause in all the appropriate places, of course. (In case you're wondering...and just for MY record...during the course of such gruelling rehearsal sessions for the mirror, I was also questioning my unusual affections for the boy who lived down the block. I now understand the correlation.)

Barbra is at her most adorable delivering the speech, in which she confides in the audience that she has a run in her stocking ("of all nights"), and tells a charming little anecdote about watching awards shows as a kid, caring only about the evening's fashions and wondering which guests were three sheets to the wind...(pause for laughter)...She then thanks the audience, which erupts into applause. But before making her final exit, she quickly returns to the mic to exclaim, "...and Thank You Danny!" Now, no one (at least in my circle) seems to know who this Danny character is. I certainly had no idea as a child who he was, although I must have thanked the guy a million times, via my bedroom mirror. Was Danny her date for the evening, and possible long-term boyfriend? Was he a producer on the TV special? Or was he just a waiter working the affair that evening who was kind enough to bring her extra napkins? Maybe I'll never know, but I've made a solemn vow, nevertheless, that when the time comes for me to accept my big award (whatever that may be), I will absolutely cap it off by thanking Danny. If you're out there, Danny-Baby...Wait for it.

Anyway, Congratulations to all of the Golden Globe nominees. And may I be the very first on this Blahg to thank the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press: I just love your accents, and I've always supported the foreigners. You've made some fantastic selections this year. Thank you, and Goodnight!....(pause for applause)....AND THANK YOU DANNY!

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Benjamin said...

I cannot believe you left mighty Cate off your list, Rand. She is SO ging to win.