Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"A More Seductive Tone"

Well, the devastation I've faced in the wake of erroneously being omitted from the guest list of the Sweeney Todd film premier, which took place here in New York just 2 days ago, has been somewhat mollified (I said "somewhat") since obtaining an advance copy of the soundtrack yesterday. I suppose I'll have no choice but to wait until December 21st and see the movie with the..(cue: vomit in my mouth)...public.

I have not yet had a chance to listen to the entire CD, but covered most of the basics on my train ride this morning and was so enthralled that by the time I reached my final destination, I had absolutely no recollection of how I'd made it there. (Clearly, this has happened before, but usually under the influence of Stoli - not Sondheim.) I am over the moon in love! Of course if you clunked out this score on a Casio, I'd get excited. But here, Sweetie La is taken to thrilling new heights where its orchestrations soar with a fresh richness that makes my goose-pimples break out in hives. It's more electrifying than ever. Johnny Depp's vocals are strong and smooth. I'm expecting his to be a perfect Sweeney for the big screen. And while Helena Bottled Water is obviously not giving me Patti LuPone vibrato or Angela Lansbury legato, and if I were to see her Mrs. Lovett live on stage I might slap an usher, her hauntingly simple performances also seem incredibly fitting for this Tim Burton adaptation.

The CD will be released on December 18th, so start saving your shillings and shaving your bawllz. And if you'll follow me to the upper right hand corner of your screen, you'll find an official new Sweetie La Movie Countdown, exclusive to The Blahg. It is fancy. Please do not touch it. Nowhere will you find such up-to-the-minute resources. That's the sort of operation I run.
You're welcome.

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