Sunday, November 4, 2007

If I Could Turn Back Time

I hope everyone remembered to turn the clocks back last night. I love "Falling Back" on a Saturday night. Last Call gets pushed forward, leaving more time for sex, drugs and alcohol, and we get an extra hour to sleep in before church the next morning. It's a win-win. I know it's only supposed to be an hour, but I figured - Hell...While we're here...I went back two. I like the extra time in the mornings. If you're on Eastern Standard Time where you are, I'm actually an hour behind you in my apartment, factoring in the change (menopause). And so if you have plans to meet me today, you're gonna wanna bring a magazine.

Meanwhile, some Gay has apparently hijacked the control booth this weekend, as there has been a wall-to-wall Cher Movie Marathon on almost every channel. Yesterday was Silkwood, followed by Mermaids, and then Mask, which I actually watched. Hadn't seen it in ages. And what a beautiful movie. Although Cher looked terrible in that one, didn't she??...(photo below)

Tonight is the 2-Year Anniversary Party for Jersey Boys. It's a little mini-cruise around Manhattan, so that should be fun. (Although I'd prefer to go to the Bahamas or something, Cheapskates.) The boat leaves promptly at 6:30PM. Luckily I have the extra 2-hour advantage thanks to my clever "time management" system, but I should start preparing a costume, nonetheless. Now whenever alcohol and myself meet at sea, it usually results in a full reenactment of the "Don't Rain On My Parade" sequence from Funny Girl, or a full reenactment of the final scene from Yentl. (Sometimes, if they have the right setup and equipment, I'll project a video of myself doing Yentl and sing a duet with it.) Any sequence where Barbra's singing on a boat, really. So I'm thinking that, depending upon my performance this evening, they'll either cast me in the show or cast me overboard. I'll let you know either way.


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