Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thoroughly Happy Homo

Yes sir! That was me, painting the town Gorgeous last night. I really told myself I would not get carried away with the booze. I simply couldn't. It was a weeknight, and I have the responsibility of a full-time job and a cat to support, who is stunning, but between you and me, is bringing in very little income these days. I am basically the sole provider for that household. Not to make this a pity party or anything...Point is, I have to be fresh for work. I cannot be getting sloshed on a Tuesday night and showing up to work completely hung over. And I totally honored my promise. I drank in moderation on Tuesday night. I waited for the stroke of Midnight, and then proceeded to get wasted on what was officially Wednesday morning. So I was still drunk when I came into work today, which gave me a much fresher appearance. It's actually incredibly fulfilling and liberating to set personal boundaries. And then prove to yourself that you're able to overcome those boundaries. I guess these are the lessons we learn as we begin to mature into adulthood. It seems like yesterday I was throwing caution to the wind, boozin' it up all over town, sewing my wild oats, but it wasn't. It was a few hours ago. Time certainly flies when you're unconscious. I did catch a few winks, although I barely remember making it home or getting into bed. And when I woke up this morning, "GONE WITH THE WIND" was in my DVD player, the original Broadway Cast Recording of "DREAMGIRLS", the Original "DREAMGIRLS" Movie Soundtrack, and "DREAMGIRLS" in Concert were on loop at full blast in my stereo system, and I was wearing my prom dress. Which is highly unusual. I don't even own "GONE WITH THE WIND".

Anyway, on to news even bigger than my addiction. Tomorrow is a very special day for a one Ms. Sutton Foster. For the very first time ever, the Princess of The Great White Way will finally get the chance to meet ME, the Queen, as I have been asked to interview her for HX Magazine! That's right. After 5PM tomorrow, please forward all of my calls to Sutton's dressing room, cuz that's where I'll be, chattin' it up. One Broadway deev to another. We should make quite a pair. You know, between the two of us, we have a combined 1 Tony Award. - Fun Fact. Of course I'll be bringing in my smoky, Barbara Walters interview lighting, and my own floral arrangements. I'm a professional now, and I want everything to go perfectly for Suttz. Move the hell over, Babs! There's a new bitch on the panel! Why don't ya take a little time to enjoy THIS view!?! (Cut to stock photo of my ass)

Wish me luck, Fellas!


Heather said...

Ohhhh Randy Rainbow. I was thinking just now, "I hope that Randy made it home okay, because he was throughly trashed when I last saw him wandering the streets of Astoria at 2 in the morning."

I decided to see if you were alive by checking your blog. (It's an impersonal, and slightly cold, way of checking on someone's well-being, but it works for me.)

Your justification of getting sloshed on Wednesday morning as opposed to Tuesday night made me laugh more than you snappily telling me "it's about time" after I offered to hold your drink to your mouth as you sipped last night. I mean, this morning.

Have fun with Sutton! She's from Augusta, like me. Masters golf represent.

evyan said...

randy. i love you. i have been fighting with google to remind me of a password for an account i (apparently) opened with them in 1992..or 1892 or something. today i grew a brain and just made a new one. i'm a smart girl.

anywaaaaaaaaaaaaays, i love you, i love your blog, and i miss you and mushie-tushie-flushie. i'm so happy you are finally making yourself famous for being so damn gay. tell gwen the ballet lessons and the ruby slippers paid off.

hopefully one day before i die i'll get back to new york and we can get drunk and talk about the good old days when we used drama club as a front to make fun of people. are you home at all over christmas/hannukah/"winter"? lemme know.

ps. i painted my room the other day and almost forgot to play idina. keyword=almost.

Tracy said...

Oh you and Sutton together. I am so jealous. Did you know that her and I are friends. well, I don't know if she knows yet but we are best friends. We hang out, listen to her sing, talk about brawtway. Good Luck! I want all details.