Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Lorelle, Where's My Dress??"

Wow. Has it been a week already? I'm a terrible blogstress, I know. Shut up. But you see, I was offered two small writing gigs back-to-back, and so my focus had to be elsewhere for a bit, as both were paid, while this blog is but a charity service I provide out of the gayness of my heart. And you are most welcome. Although if you're reading this, it wouldn't kill you to send a check every once in a while.

This past weekend my mother and her American Express were visiting from Florida. Our first stop: Bed, Bath and Beyond, where we were able to replace a few of the precious items that were lost tragically in the infamous Cupcake Holocaust of '07. (Click the link for my gruesome tales of Bed, Bugs & Beyond.) Anyway, I'm thrilled to report that my bed is now as plush and gorgeous and color coordinated as it ever was and I'm back in business, if you know anyone who's interested.....(Anyone?..........*crickets*).

Then on Sunday afternoon, I got together with a very elite group of friends for our Annual Themed Brunch, a favorite and legendary tradition of ours. Last year we ended up at a strip joint in Chelsea where some of us blew all our cash on lap dances in the Champagne room. I believe the theme that time was "Shame and Regret". This year was a bit tamer by comparison, although just as embarrassing. We called it "High School Musical: The Brunch". Each of us showed clips from shows we'd done in High School. It was hysterical! Although, watching my clips was a bit like watching reruns of The Oprah Winfrey Show (minus the money, power and wisdom), as my weight fluctuated drastically from tape to tape. As Roger in Grease I was Oprah in '86, at the height of her width. In Guys & Dolls I was a slightly trimmed-down Sky Masterson, or Present Day Oprah. And by the time we got to my performance as Maria in West Side Story, I was thin and stunning (Oprah '95). Of course we all signed confidentiality agreements prior to the viewings, and what we saw on that day will remain among friends. (I just hope we all remain friends after what we saw on that day.) Of course, one glass of champagne led to about 19 bottles, which led to a dance party on the living room floor. There were three girls at the brunch (biologically speaking), and they inevitably wound up sitting on the couch to be a live studio audience for the boys, who launched into an impromptu, yet seamless concert version of DREAMGIRLS. We were tremendous. Including Pride Weekend and the Tony Awards, this was the gayest Sunday I've ever spent. And I say that with a lisp. Anyway, it was all for the cause. All proceeds from the event went directly to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Sobriety. Glad we could do our part.

Below, for your viewing horror is a sample of the DREAMGAYS concert (mentioned above) that's already leaked. I'm up front on lead vocals and 12 mimosas. My dear friends John and Anthony are behind me on back-up and vodka. Enjoy, and tell no one what you've seen here.


www.maninchair.com said...

You were brilliant, boys. One more flap of the arms, Randy, and you would have been flying like Mary Martin in Peter Pan. Thanks for the little view into the blogosphere's funniest home videos.

BTW, what were the writing gigs?

Jimmy2cool said...

Speechless...just speechless.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Sing out Louise, er, Randy!