Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Keep Tossing in My Sleep at Night

I am downright loopy today. I hear singing and there's no one there. I smell blossoms in my underwear. (Actually, the singing is coming from the radio, and the blossoms are just a new bath soap I'm using, but who can resist an Irving Berlin standard?) But I'm not just in love. I've just had a bitch of a time sleeping the past few nights, and I don't know why. (I wonder why..) Especially with my gorgeous new linens and things. I even have one of those motion absorbing NASA Mattresses. You know, the one where you can cheat on your husband while he's sleeping right next to you and he never finds out? Or you can place a glass of wine on the bed and jump up and down on it, and the wine doesn't spill? (Which is a little superfluous, cuz if I'm jumping up and down on my bed, it usually means I've finished all the wine.) I had to get one of those though, because there is always a LOT of movement happening on my mattress, if you know what I mean...(Laughter from the audience, and a tomato.) Anyway, I can't sleep. I'm pretty sure it's the atrocious weather in New York. We've been having a heat wave. A tropical heat wave. (Dammit, Irving!) There was definitely something in the air last night [Fernando], and it kept me up since 4 this morning. Today is much cooler, but hardly acceptable yet. Outside it is as black as my beauty, and it's mixing hideously with the fluorescent nightmare going on in my office. When, oh when will lovely autumn fall a'ready?? I need it. Fetch me my pashmina! MAX?!?!

Meanwhile, back on Brawt-WAY, I have reasonably questionable good reason to almost believe that I could most-likely definitely be attending the invited dress rehearsal for Young Frankenstein tomorrow night! I am extremely almost excited. I will keep you posted. Unless, of course, my ticket falls through. Then I'm not talking to anyone.

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