Monday, September 17, 2007

She Wants Her Dog Back

I really liked the new Jodie Foster Movie, The Brave One. Jodes plays a talk radio personality in Manhattan, reexamining her relationship with the city she loves and trying to reclaim the youthful innocence we are all forced to sacrifice each day to this world full of crime, hatred, and New York City Public Transportation...(That's the part I put in.)

After a late night dog walk in Central Park (which is kind of a schmucky idea), a chance encounter with a street gang claims the life of her fiance and leaves her comatose and dogless. When she wakes three weeks later, she is a new lesbian. No longer the optimistic lovebird with the bouncy bob, she is alone and afraid and pissed the hell off. Her love affair with NYC has come to an end, and it's time to go shopping for a gun. She intends to avenge her boyfriend, but when she finds herself in the wrong convenience store at the wrong time, she becomes an eyewitness to a homicide, and is forced to practice her shot on the killer, who spots her in the Frozen Foods section. She's flipped out by what she's done, but quickly finds that murder is like potato chips. You can't stop after just the one. So she becomes a vigilante and takes a bite out of crime by wiping out bad guys all over town.

The film focuses on the inner struggle of this woman, who instantly loses the most fundamental pieces of herself because of the choices she makes to react as she does. It's a controversial, action-packed look at the blurred line between right and wrong/good and evil, and tells the story of what will soon happen if people don't stop annoying me. And, of course, Jodie Foster's acting is retardedly superb.
She wants her dog back, you guys. Seriously.

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