Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Seniors of Love

This was an interesting idea.

They're both in their late 60's, and they're still not gonna pay.
(Although by now they can probably afford to.) After almost a century since they originated their roles on Broadway, and two years since they shlepped them to the big screen in the poorly-received film adaptation, for which they were too old, Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are now even older, and returned to the Nederlander stage this week for their latest run in RENT...And it sure is late.

This is just a little bit funny, but I'm fine with it. I'm all about the original cast. They may do whatever they like. (And these days, does it really matter who's in that show anyway?) I'm just surprised they let them back in without American Idol credits.

Artwork by R. Rainbow


Tracy said...

You are brilliant!

Abel said...

he looks like ted danson.

deniece said...

mummy, have you see this? i need more details...oh and i figured out what your blah needs...GLITTAH!