Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Biggest Little Headline in Bloggersville!

Well, in case you've been living beneath a rock or passed out under the urinal at Splash, this week The Randy Rainbow Bloggity Blahg-Blahg is gracing the pages of New York's most popular fag rag, HX Magazine! In its very first official write-up, The Blahg has been crowned Site of the Week, in the Culture section, featured prominently on HX's famous Page Fifty-Four. (I think the NY Post has a similar Page Six..?)

Last week, the title went to XXXMarksTheSpot, a blog dedicated entirely to celebs of the gay porn industry, so I think mine was the obvious choice to be its successor. I'm preparing for things to start getting crazy around here. But this is the path I have chosen for myself, and such media frenzy is to be expected. It's just all happening so quickly, you know? (No, I guess you wouldn't.)

Special thanks to Brandon Voss, Editor of HX, for his kind (and accurate) words. It's an honor and a thrill to be spoken of so glowingly by Brandon, who's an incredibly sharp and sassy writer, himself.

Here 'tis. (Click the pic to enlarge.)

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John said...

Congratulate yourself, Sweetie!