Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Here She Is, Boys!

I hope you all love the latest renovations to the BLAHg. I certainly do!

I was going to wait to unveil the new look, LIVE on The View, but then decided against it when they didn't invite me to.
So that's the story with that.

Aaaanyway, make yourselves at home. Put your feet up. Take your pants off. Ya hungry?? I can make you a sandwich! Ya want a sandwich?!?!?! And please invite your friends! (Especially if your friends are Rosie O'Donnell, or equally famous and influential.) You know I love to entertain.

Thanks again for stoppin' by! I adore you all!!! (Especially you.)

PS - Be sure and check out this week's HX MAGAZINE (due out Friday, 8/10/07). The BLAHg is getting its very first write-up!!! We're not kiddin' around anymore, Folks. It's the big time!

Above photo of the Official Randy Rainbow Bloggity Blahg Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony by Abel Macias

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