Monday, August 6, 2007

Blythe and Becoming

So Blythe Danner just called me at work. I told her, "Blythe, if this is personal, Dear, I'd rather you call my cell." (Turns out it was business.)

She's apparently an investor in one of the shows we do business for, and was just a little miffed to be receiving paperwork from my office at her LA home, rather than her place here in New York. When I offered to give her the email address to which she could send a formal request for a change of address, she informed me that "she doesn't do that", and laughed at me a little. (Don't laugh at me, Blythe.)
I, of course, obliged and took the new address from her myself. Meanwhile, doesn't she have people to handle this sort of thing for her? Like Gwyneth?

Anyway, she was really very friendly and courteous, and I look forward to spending much more time with her now that I know where she lives.

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Tracy said...

You have Blythe and I have Bernadette. Lets call them both and have dinner on the UWS.