Wednesday, July 25, 2007


She's eleven hundred, if she's a day, but she STILL GOT IT! *High Kick*
After an almost 6-year hiatus (and countless performances on my DVD player) Elaine - Friggen - Stritch (or "Stritchy", as Noel Coward and I lovingly refer to her) is pulling her long underwear and Men's dress shirt out of the mothbawllz and bringing her one-woman show, ELAINE STRITCH: AT LIBERTY, back to the stage!!!

The show will begin January 1st, 2008, and is set for a 3-week run at New York's Cafe Carlyle. There is a $125 "Music Charge", and probably a 17-drink minimum, bringing the price of admission to about 6 G's. But I'll be damned if I don't sell myself in the bathrooms at MUSICAL MONDAYS for 5 months until I raise the funds.
Ain't no way I'm missing this one!

(Lord, please don't take her before January 1st.)


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