Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Site For Sore Eyes

So??? You like what I've done with the place? Gorge, riiight???
Go ahead...Take a look around. UH-UH-UH! Shoes off, please. Mind the new carpet.

I still have plenty of work to do, of course, but I'm hoping that this is a step in the right direction toward my World-Wide fame and success as a Blogstress. I'll tell ya, this blogging thing has already proven to be quite lucrative. As I sit here typing this, I just found 5 bucks in my shorts I didn't know I had!....Hand to God.
This is really great.

Anyway, I'm certainly open to suggestions, so please feel free to write in. In fact, Me here at THE BLOGGITY BLAHG, actually just received our very first Fan Letter. It's from a sexy young mexican named Abel, and came to me all the way from Brooklyn by way of the Hudson River in a Corona bottle. It reads:

"Dear Randy,
I think you are absolutely brilliant and clever and witty and so handsome, and I love the new blog! But if you really want to appeal to the masses (homosexuals), might I suggest that you start incorporating more gratuitous nudity?"

Well, Abel, I couldn't agree with you more!
And so, for my first trick, here are the hot new ads for A/X. Enjoy.
(I really think they captured my essence and personality.
Kudos to the photographer.)

(You might also remember last season's add campaign, which featured my gorgeous cat, Mushi. That collection follows. You decide which you prefer. Viewer discretion is advised.)



Abel said...

i want to see more of mushi's pectorals.

John said...

MUSH are Thin and Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!