Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bittersweet and Strange

Well, the tale as old as time is about to end it's 13-year-and-change run on Brawt-WAY. Beauty & the Beast will close at the Lunt-Fontanne this Sunday, July 29th. I'm sad that I will not have a chance to pay my final respects, but I'll forever cherish the magical memories I have of the show.

This morning, I am coming to terms with the sad truth that I will now never have the chance to fulfill my dream of playing Belle on the Great White Way. I auditioned many times for the role, but ultimately, think the casting people at Disney felt I was too Jewish. Interesting.

I was, however, fortunate enough to date a few members of the show's ensemble....A couple of Forks, a Spoon.....[I think] a blender?....and an icepick. (That one hurt.) Anyway, it also looks as though I will not have the opportunity to complete the set. It is a weekend of crushed dreams.

You were a beautiful show, Beauty & the Beast, and I will always remember you.
Thanks for the memories....and the silverware.


Benjamin said...

Aw. Wasn't this your first B-way experience? And didnt this start the Disney fananticism with minor encouragement from JG.

copeynyc said...

You always can have a new goal... To play the Little Mermaid!!