Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aaaabsolutely Not Terrific, Awwnest

Time is a thief, Muthah-Dawrling. We can't get it back!

GREY GARDENS has officially closed it's crusty old doors, and I'm terribly depressed. To mourn this tragic and untimely loss, I came to work today wearing a shmata on my head, à la Edith Bouvier Beale. (You might have a different way of expressing.)

On the bright side, I'm so happy to have caught these brilliant performances, which I'm sure will forever remain a celebrated part of theatre history. I only saw the show once, but it managed to bring me endless joy and amusement throughout it's run, not to mention a stylish new Christine Ebersole-as-Little Edie impression, which is a real hit at parties. I was also lucky enough to attend this year's Tony Awards (excuse me), and got to see Christine and Mary Louise collect their prizes (which should have just been left sitting in their seats before they even arrived).

Moving along to the name-dropping portion of the evening....I had the pleasure, a few weekends ago, of running into Bob Stillman, who beautifully played Gould, Edie's longtime homo companion and pianist. We wound up bar-hopping a bit and had a great time. Enjoy him. Of course we spoke of my devastation over the news of the show closing. Coincidentally, he was not happy about it either.

I let him know that if finding a replacement for Christine Ebbz was the problem, I was perfect for the job and ready to jump in at a moment's notice. I even gave him a little bit of my impression. (Lucky for him, it's sooo much better when I'm drunk.) He's since assured me that he presented the idea to the show's producers. Obviously, they chose not to go with me.
Once again....too Jewish.


Additional Fake Photography by Abel Macias

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Tituss Burgess said...

Randy is one of the most talented best kept secrets in NEW YORK CITY. He has a natural charm and wit so sharp and quick that its scary. Here's to you princess! May the city and world at large enjoy getting to know you and your thoughts!